What is KUTX?

KUTX is defining, hand-picked music broadcast 24/7 in Austin, Texas. Its approach to the music shared and covered is influenced by the innovative, authentic and passionate music scene which pulses through the city. The station's mission is to let every listener feel, enjoy and be a part of the Austin Music Experience. KUTX 98.9 is listener-support radio broadcasting from The University of Texas at Austin and is an NPR affiliate.

The Assignment

"We wanted something new, fresh and unlike any other radio station site. It needed to be responsive and modern to present well on pretty much every device being used by our audience. We also needed to be able to easily publish posts and a lot of content without an in-house web team."

- Todd Callahan

Our Approach

"This project was very challenging. Knowing the requirements, I had three goals: Write code that is extensible and easy to understand, write formulas that can stand the test of time, and create functionalities that are intuitive for each device."

– E'lon Mitchell

Testimonial for KUTX

"We love the look and flow of the site. It's great and frequently complimented. Elon and Company delivered more than expected while staying on time and on budget."

- Todd Callahan