The Objective

"We needed a site that would match the style and ideals of our target audience. We also wanted to easily handle the backend and provide our own content. E&C knew what we needed, and had a plan of action on how we were going to get it done! They even gave us tips on how to bring in more money with features we had never even thought of!"

- Sharla Pierre | Vice President of The Austin Socialite

The End Goal

It's very important for us to setup our client for success. This includes creating an intuitive way to update and manage your content, images, and multimedia objects with little to no help from us. We aim to create something more than a website, but a reliable digital employee for you.

Testimonial from The Austin Socialite

"E&C not only cares about the project you want, but they also care about the outcome of your business and how you could boost your business potential. From consultation, business strategy, web design and development, E&C gives you a holistic approach to e-business. They are not just our web guys, they are family!"

- Sharla Pierre | Vice President of The Austin Socialite